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Why The Orange Clove? It’s believed that some of the people that managed to avoid the bubonic plague did so through the use of aromatics. When a person would need to venture out, they would carry an orange studded with cloves to help protect themselves from the plague. They also carried handkerchiefs sprayed with aromatics for the same purpose. The power of aromatics has been harnessed by civilizations for millennia.

Lindsey is a certified aromatherapist that formulates all products for The Orange Clove. She is passionate about the power of plants, and strives to create beautifully minimal products. Everything sold by The Orange Clove is free of parabens, phthalates, silicones, mineral oil, or synthetic fragrances.

The Orange Clove came about due to Lindsey's desire to create products that are safe for her entire family. She believes that skincare companies should be transparent and that ingredient lists should be simple enough for all to decipher. She strives to source organic, sustainable, and fair-trade ingredients whenever possible. 

She spends most of her free time gardening, recipe-testing, and exploring the Pacific Northwest with her husband and two boys in their VW Syncro.